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GC 2008: Activision demonstrates music creation in Guitar Hero: World Tour


To say that Guitar Hero: World Tour has a lot of content is now an understatement. The game is so ridiculously full of goodies, fans are likely going to explogasm when they watch the video above. It goes into incredible detail, showing off the music creation fun you can have in Activision's latest installment in its popular franchise. Whether you're mixing drum loops for your tracks or turning your guitar into a keyboard (could this confirm a keyboard peripheral is inbound?), it looks like you won't be bored with Guitar Hero: World Tour anytime soon after its release.


There's been a lot of Guitar Hero news lately. Like the confirmation that Miis will be included in the Wii game (as well as an explanation of how they'll be incorporated). Also, don't forget to check out which tracks have been confirmed for the game so far!

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