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GC 2008: Details for House of the Dead: Overkill escape Leipzig


Apparently, one Bradley Crooks, developer at Headstrong Games, revealed to Gamekyo a few details about the upcoming Sega game on every Wii gamers' mind (if it isn't on your brain, then you should get your head checked) during an event at Leipzig. The list is fairly long, so head past the break, where it's all been organized with helpful bullet points.


House of the Dead: Overkill details from Bradley:

  • The game is on-rails (o rly?)
  • Enemies will have point-specific damage, meaning you can blow off arms and shoot holes in their guts, much like the series has featured in the past
  • The game will support the Zapper
  • There will be motion-based controls (shake the Wiimote to get a zombie off you, etc)
  • You can perform "combos" which will fill a special gauge and unlock upgrades
  • You can switch between two different weapons on the fly
  • A special adrenaline gauge will allow you to activate a special power (most likely a bullet time variant)
  • The game is running on a new engine built specifically for it
  • There will be a co-op mode
  • It's exclusively for Wii
So, there you have it. Some of the items on the list are predictable, but switching weapons on the fly and an adrenaline mode? Sounds great to us and we can't wait to play when it releases next year.

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