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Integra rolls ISF calibration into top-end AV receivers, preamp-processor

Steven Kim

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Here's an idea that makes sense -- since AV receivers do the video switching and format conversion, why not put the image calibration in there, too? Integra is doing exactly that with its DTR-8.9 ($1,900) and DTR-9.9 ($2,600) receivers, as well as the DHC-9.9 ($2,000) preamp-processor. Better yet, this functionality will conform to ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) protocols so all you pixel-peepers can sleep easy. This makes it possible to calibrate your video sources independently, so you're not limited by the number of inputs you have on your display device. The only problem we see with this is that your ISF tech has to shoulder the extra work of setting up more calibrations.

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