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RocketBowl scheduled for Sept. 10th XBLA release

Dustin Burg

Admittedly, we may be a bit late on this announcement, but who ever said late news isn't important news? (Don't answer that.) Ahem, over the weekend, D3 Publisher announced that their "refreshing twist on a classic sport" RocketBowl will be releasing to the Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday, September 10th for 800 Microsoft points. What exactly is RocketBowl? Picture bowling, on 10 crazy courses with ramps and other doodads, Xbox Live multiplayer, equipment upgrades and (of course) bowling balls that are rocket propelled balls of death. Genius! Now only if we could get our hands on one of these rocket-powered bowling balls for some real life pin action. Though, we hear they're illegal in twenty-seven states and all of Europe.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

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