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Techie Swedes prove iPhone 3G reception is "normal"


Blogger Thomas Ricker over at our sibling site Engadget posted an interesting blurb early this morning. Curious about whether or not iPhone 3G is as bad as urban legend seems to make it out to be, engineers at Bluetest in Gothenburg, Sweden, tested it against a Nokia N73 and a Sony Ericsson P1.

The results? Although the P1 was slightly better at receiving signals and the N73 a little bit better at sending signals, the difference between these two popular 3G phones and the iPhone 3G was negligible. The degreed antenna engineer performing the tests pronounced the 3G's capabilities as "completely normal."

This testing equipment is similar to that used by the FCC and mobile phone manufacturers to make sure that their phones are able to properly send and receive signals without interfering with other devices. These tests only tested the iPhone 3G hardware. There are other factors involved as well, including the device firmware and software.

I personally haven't found the iPhone 3G's reception to be any better or worse than my original iPhone. How about you? Leave a comment!

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