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Guide to the PAX 08 MMO afterparties

Shawn Schuster

This Friday marks the kickoff of the Penny Arcade Expo 2008 in Seattle, Washington. If you're going, you may already have your schedule planned out with which panels you'll attend, which booths you're stopping by and which contests you're going to enter.

However, you may be overlooking the most important part of this entire weekend: the parties! That's right, a few of your favorite developers are throwing their own afterparties where players can mingle with the game developers, community teams and other fans of the game. Leave it to us to compile a comprehensive list of these parties for you all to enjoy. Check after the cut for a detailed list of these top MMO developer parties.

Friday Night

Cryptic Studios - Champions Online
Where: Stop by booth #1214 for more info
When: Stop by booth #1214 for more info
How: Stop by the Cryptic Booth for an invitation to the party
Extras: Free food, drinks, prizes, games and more.

NCsoft - Tabula Rasa/City of Heroes/Dungeon Runners/Lineage/Aion
Where: Gordon Biersch Brewing Co., 600 Pine St, Suite 401
When: 7pm - 9pm local time
How: Visit the sign-up page here. The cost is $15 which covers food, tax and gratuity. Beverages are extra
Extras: Meet and greet developers from several NCsoft titles.

Turbine - Lord of the Rings Online/Asheron's Call
Where: Gameworks Seattle (across the street from the convention center)
When: 7pm - 9pm local time
How: RSVP on the forums, then stop on by!
Extras: Food, games, fun and swag for all. Plus meet and greet with LotRO and Asheron's Call developers.

Saturday Night

ArenaNet - Guild Wars
Where: Gameworks Seattle (across the street from the convention center)
When: 6pm for VIP members, 9pm for everyone else. Ends around 11pm local time
How: To apply for VIP access, stop by the ArenaNet booth (#642). Otherwise, at 9pm anyone can enter the party.
Extras: Free food and beverage. Tons of contests with prizes at the booth itself, during the VIP access and throughout the rest of the evening.

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