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North America soon to join in on the Alien Crushing


If you thought Hudson was done announcing WiiWare games, you were dead wrong. In fact, Bomberman Blast was just a warmup for the real WiiWare announcement, which we all knew was coming, but we're elated to see: Alien Crush Returns is coming to North America! A few new screens came with the announcement, which you can find in our gallery. Chris Kohler's impressions of today's Japanese release suggest that this news is, in fact, a good thing.

According to the press release, "Alien Crush Returns is the only pinball game for WiiWare that lets gamers compete head to head online." It also happens to be the only pinball game for WiiWare. As with Bomberman Blast (and Star Soldier R), Hudson will host periodic online tournaments, starting with one near the unspecified launch period.


[Via press release]

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