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Tabulator: Comparing the PlayStation 3 SKUs

So, you know how this works. Sony releases yet another PS3 SKU and, suddenly, you're tasked with keeping the entire lineup in order. Which one comes with HD compatible cables? (Spoiler alert: none). Which currently shipping model has PS2 backwards compatibility? (Spoiler alert: none). But it's not all bad news. Want to know which models are packing the cooler, quieter 65nm chips? Or which models come with free stuff? It's all in here. If there's anything we've missed or anything we've gotten incorrect, please let us know in the comments. We're quite certain this won't be the last time we update this table.

160GB 80GB 80GB 40GB 60GB 20GB
Model #
Available Nov 2008 Aug 2008 Aug 2007 Oct 2007 Nov 2006 Nov 2006
Price $499.99 $399.99 $499.99* $399.99* $599.99* $499.99*
Chrome trim Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
USB 2.0 slots 2 2 4 2 4 4
802.11 b/g Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Flash card
No No Yes No Yes No
Size (Cell / RSX) 65nm / ?1
65nm / ?1
65nm / 90nm (built 2008)
90nm / 90nm (built 2007)
65nm / 90nm2
90nm / 90nm
90nm / 90nm
Bundled Accessories
Ethernet cable No No No No Yes Yes
Video cables Composite Composite Composite Composite Composite Composite
Software Uncharted, PAIN None MotorStorm Spider-Man (Blu-ray) None None
Backwards Compatibility
PS2 No No Software3 No Yes (NTSC),
PS One Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

* This model is discontinued. The price on the chart represents the original retail price.
1. PS3 graphics chip going 65nm this Fall; New 80GB PS3 may be sporting 65nm RSX to match 65nm Cell
2. 40GB PS3s have 65nm Cell chips, 90nm GPUs
3. SCEE: No plans to offer PS2 backwards compatibility later as DLC for 40GB PS3

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