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Telltale dishes out new Strong Bad trailer, screens


Telltale has just sent out a press release, which was chock full of screens for the next episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. As you all know, we found the first episode to be quite good (although, we never did have our copy freeze on us), so we're looking forward to this month's new episode. Oh, and along with those lovely screens (check them out in the gallery below), we've also got a new trailer for you above this very post.

Did you download the first episode? Enjoy it?


Strong Bad's Game for Attractive People isn't the only notable WiiWare title. Capcom's upcoming Mega Man 9 has managed to turn a few heads (and might have even gotten other companies to think about retro revivals). There's also the upcoming Tetris Party and Alien Crush Returns, both from Hudson. Oh, and let's not forget Space Invaders Get Even!

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