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The Daily Grind: Movies based on MMOs

Samuel Axon

Word is that there will be a new Conan movie next year, and that Age of Conan will tie in with it. Of course, the movie isn't based on Age of Conan; both are independently based on Robert E. Howard's pulp fiction stories. Nevertheless, the Massively office is now full of ideas for MMO-based movies.

There have been rumors of EverQuest and World of Warcraft films in the past. Some would say there's a fundamental problem with the idea though: there's no story to adapt! Let's face it: movies adapted from computer and video games have usually been pretty damned terrible. But if there is a disconnect between the two different styles of storytelling, then maybe MMOs are the perfect games to adapt to film. Since they only provide a setting, screenwriters, directors, and producers can create a medium-appropriate story of their own.

Then again, isn't that what they do most of the time anyway? What do you think; could an MMO be adapted into a good movie? Why or why not? And if it can, which virtual would would you lke to see on the silver screen?

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