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British ad watchdogs nix iPhone "whole internet" claim


What is the "whole internet," anyway? Is it a place you can go, or is it really just an idea? Can you put it in your pants? Apparently not, if the UK's Advertising Standards Authority's point of view is to be taken as gospel. Complaints to the oversight agency by British consumers who were dissatisfied with the Apple claim of the "whole internet" on the iPhone have now resulted in a ruling: Apple ads in Britain that say "all the parts of the internet are on the phone" need to be pulled off the air, according to a BBC report.

The reasoning behind this order is fascinating: the iPhone can't be said to bring users the entire internet because it doesn't support... wait for it... yes, Flash and Java. Goodness me. Not that Apple's iPhone ads are free from controversy in the 3G era, but I don't recall any of the ads for the current iPhone making the specific "whole internet" claims -- although the spots for the original version did say something like that. If anyone can point to a specifc ad that's raising the ire of the ASA, please do let us know.

Thanks to Grant, Martin & Richard for sending this in.

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