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Silicon Knights developer says EVE is better than WoW

Samuel Axon

Silicon Knights President Dennis Dyack is apparently a balanced gamer. Sure, he's worked on games like Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and he's president of the company behind the big Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human. But it would appear that he's also a connoisseur of MMOs.

He told videogaming247 that EVE Online is (for him, at least) a better game than World of Warcraft. "I know it's a lot harder core," he said, "but the depth of it's unparalleled and I love it." It's been mentioned again and again how different the EVE and WoW experiences are. They represent two fundamentally opposing game design philosophies. That serves as a reminder that this genre can be potentially achieve more than the treadmill-loving, fantasy RPG style it has become known for.

But Dyack had one complaint that applied to both titles. "I have to ... force myself to stop playing those games because it takes too much time," he said. That seems to be a problem with MMOs in general -- especially ones that use the subscription model. Blizzard and CCP want you to invest as much time as possible into the game so you'll stay subscribed, right? Looks like it backfired in Dyack's case. We wouldn't be surprised if it alienated a lot of other potential subscribers as well.
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