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Atlantic Technology hooks up with NetStreams

Steven Kim

When it comes to whole-home audio systems, the idea of using IP transmission is attractive -- the cabling and fine-grained control satisfy our inner geek on so many levels. Atlantic Technology is hoping its in-wall speakers will be a natural fit for this market, and has made its IWTS-4, IWTS-7 and IWTS-14 LCR models NetStreams compatible to fill the niche (and the holes in your walls). If you're not quite ready to spring for a full NetStreams system with all of its digital wizardry -- digital EQ and bi-amplification courtesy SpeakerLinX amps -- no worries, these speakers can also be hooked up to an old timey conventional analog audio signal. Expect these to ship in Q4 of this year for a yet-unannounced price.

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