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Screen Digest: Wii tops other consoles in original IP


This isn't something we hear often: according to a Screen Digest report, the Wii has more exclusive original IP than the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The report says the Wii has more than twice the number of games based on original IP than the PS3 and one third more than the Xbox 360. "Wii's unique interface and market-leading hardware sales rates have convinced publishers to deepen support levels for the platform," Screen Digest said. "Cheap development costs have also enabled a number of smaller publishers."

And before you rush to the comments form, we'll say it for you. Yes, a lot of that original IP is terrible and/or "shovelware." So what? Some of it may be junk, but some of it is No More Heroes or Monster Lab or Madworld or Little King's Story. Of course, all this new content could end up being a problem for the Wii market: Screen Digest suggests that the Wii could end up being "the most competitive and congested" of the consoles. Oh no, too many games!

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