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Vertu finally prepping 3G Signature

Chris Ziegler

It seems that Nokia's luxury brand Vertu has finally decided to take a bold leap into the 21st century with its top-of-the-line Signature series, blessing it with a refreshed design, 3G for the very first time (though not the first time for a Vertu), and -- get this -- WiFi. That should all make for a candybar that even the peasant technophiles among us can appreciate, especially when you factor in the extra little tidbit that it's apparently sporting an OLED QVGA display (not unlike the just-introduced Nokia N85). We haven't seen anything super official on this yet, but everything jibes: the Signature is long, long overdue for a thorough overhaul, and both WiFi and IECEE certifications exist for a recently-approved RM-266V (historically, Vertus have rocked Nokia model codes with "V" tacked on the end). Of course, unless you wear a monocle, odds are you can't afford this -- but if you do happen to wear a monocle, we'd really like to see.

[Via friedblogs]

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