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Constant-height projection on the cheap

Steven Kim

The HD enthusiast game is vicious -- as soon as you see your favorite content on larger display without lite-brite-like artifacts, the "I wannas" kick in real hard. The majority of us will settle in on a large flat panel display, but the idea of a light-controlled room cave with a front-projector lingers on. According to the linked bit at Widescreen Review Sound and Vision, you might not have to rule it out based on the equipment cost alone, though -- constant-height projectors that used to come in around $30,000 can now be had for $2,000, and that "savings" can be put towards additional lensing to achieve a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. That's still pricey, so the article has some tips on getting the same effect on the cheap with some DIY -- the choice between manual fidgeting, prowling eBay for film projector lenses and raiding your trophy case for suitable prism-like awards all depends on your skills and ambition.

[Image courtesy Prismasonic]

Our friends at Sound & Vision, not Widescreen Review did up the feature. Apologies, S&V!

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