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Disgaea 3: online gaming mode and new characters in Asia via DLC

Alan Tsang

Siliconera noticed a little new add-on for Disgaea 3 that provides an optional online gaming mode. You pick either beginner, intermediate or advanced difficulty level and then you are sent to a special version of the item world. Specific criteria must be met in order for a gate and its respective enemy gate keeper to appear. Ten floors must be completed before you are ranked based on moves you've made and how efficient you were with your characters and resources.

This all sounds rather complicated, but the reward is a special character called Angel Solider that specializes in bows and staff. Their native evilty is called Angelic Protection which reduces non-elemental damage to a nearby ally by 50%. The price for this upgrade is $6.19 SGD (about $4.30 USD).

In other Disgaea 3 news, Yukimaru and Tink from Disgaea 2 and Prier of La Pucelle Tactics are the newest downloadable characters for the game in Japan. They cost 200 yen (about $1.50) each. Keep in mind, none of this has been announced for the US yet, but we shall keep our fingers crossed and hopefully hear something soon. We'll keep you updated!

Source -- Siliconera
Source -- Siliconera

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