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EA free gas giveaway in Los Angeles for Mercenaries 2 promo [Update]

Alan Tsang

[Update: Apparently, this was today. Whoops. Thanks, Paul!]

You guys wanna make a bet? We think the above shown Mobil gas station was the most popular gas station in Los Angeles today. EA is hosting an event to promote Mercenaries 2 called "Petrol to the People, For Free!" that gave free gas away today at 6 AM until the pumps dried up. Fuel is a central element to Mercenaries 2 story, where players use gas to obtain weapons and supplies, as well as playing at integral part in the story. Additionally, the station was redecorated Mercenaries style and the attendants were dressed up as Mercenaries handing out information about the game.

So where would you have gone take advantage of this free gas giveaway? 8489 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048. For those of us who missed it , watch the action from today with videos at


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