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WoW Moviewatch: The ultimate Warlock PvP video

Moo Money

One of our readers thinks that he's the best Warlock out there. I'm almost inclined to agree. After getting his S3 gear last year, he became bored with the arena and began looking for ways to spice things up. He created this compilation video of 3v1, as well as some 4v1, PvP. Although he discusses some of the motivation in his thread on the official WoW forums, I wanted to get a little more in-depth with it.

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Read on for some strategy tips on Warlock PvP ...

You really have to give Dipex, of Goon Squad on Mal'Ganis, credit. After he irritated tens of thousands with his first cliff jumping video, Blizzard closed up his way to do it. He recently discovered another and his airline has been successful ever since! My favorite part of this is how many people took his forum post seriously and commented blindly without viewing the video.

Of course, Dipex and Goon Squad are no strangers to trouble. Most recently, we covered their efforts to reunite Thrall and Jaina. Some of their other pranks involved kidnapping a flightmaster and blowing up Ironforge. This might explain why I keep seeing members of an anti-GS guild running around Mal'Ganis, where my newly formed feral druid, Moowi, just started. Yes, I play World of Warcraft now! Shocking, isn't it?

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