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Atlantic Technology pumps out new in-wall speaker, subwoofer

Darren Murph

Judging by the barrage of speaker announcements of late, it's easy to see that CEDIA is just around the bend. The latest outfit to dish out news of its new lineup is Atlantic Technology. Best known for its in-wall speakers, the firm is offering up a new THX-certified unit (the IWTS-155 LCR) that can mount either horizontally or vertically into a standard 2x4 wall cavity. The speaker features twin 5.25-inch long-throw cone woofers and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter, and it'll be available for shipment in Q4 for $750. Additionally, the company is introducing the IWTS-28 SUB, an in-wall subbie that packs dual 8-inch drivers and can be paired with an optional 180-watt SA-180 monoblock amplifier. Unfortunately, no price for it was given, but don't expect it to be cheap.

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