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DayWalker case mod is amazing, can't solve Wesley Snipes' tax evasion problems

Darren Murph

There was no shortage of case mods at NVIDIA's NVISION conference, but this one in particular managed to snag the majority of the spotlight. Created by Richard "DarthBeavis" Surroz, the Blade-themed DayWalker actually houses three separate computer systems; two are for playing games, while the other acts as a server. Conceptually, at least, the rig is designed to enable two users to play against one another, and given the "50+ fans" and triple SLI GTX 280 GPU setups (among other things), it's no shock to hear that it'd cost around $18,000 to $20,000 to build again. 'Course, that's chump change when you're stuffing away millions of dollars owed to the government -- just ask Snipes... oh, wait.

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