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Delta calls "first" on LED-based DLP projector with a little help from Luminus

Steven Kim

Even though the product doesn't have any availability, pricing, or even a name yet, Delta Electronics is claiming to have the first full HD LED-based DLP projector, and is showing a demo unit at IFA and CEDIA. Using tech developed by TI and Luminus Devices, Delta says it's ready to go with a full-size 1080p projector with "PhlatLight" LEDs pumping out the lumens, which of course means an end to futzing around with burnt-out projector bulbs right in the middle of your feature presentation. No doubt, we're seeing LEDs show up in all manner of display devices, and if LED-lamped projector prices follow a trajectory like LED-backlit LCDs, we'd be happy campers indeed.

[Via About Projectors]

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