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Mage changes in Wrath beta build 8885

Alex Ziebart

Mages certainly weren't forgotten in beta build 8885. Did they get everything they could have hoped for? No, not really, they didn't. There are some nice things mixed in with the handful of changes though.
  • Hot Streak has been changed. After two Fireball, Scorch or Frostfire Bolt crits in a row, you have a 33/66/100% chance for your next Pyroblast within 10 seconds to be an instant cast.
  • Improved Scorch now does the exact same thing as Winter's Chill. Yay?
  • Improved Water Elemental now makes your Elemental regen mana to all party or raid members equal to 0.2/0.4/0.6% of their total mana every 5 seconds.
  • Fingers of Frost now lasts 15 seconds, but only affects you next two frost spells.
  • Slow received a straight buff, reducing movement speed by 60%, and increasing casting time and time between ranged attacks by 60%, all up from its original 50%.
  • Focus Magic now buffs the entire raid's damage.

The new Hot Streak seems like it will get a lot more play than its previous form, and the Improved Scorch debuff is just unusual. I know they're trying to homogenize some buffs and debuffs, but really? Really? Two debuffs that do the exact same thing and don't stack, both belonging to the same class? I'm not sure I understand! Fingers of Frost will prove to be a nice change. It will lend itself better to actual regular use now, compared to the old version 4 second version which would become a frantic game of "spam Ice Lance as much as possible." The Improved Water Elemental change brings it a little more in line with the mana regenerated through the new Replenishment mechanic. The two Arcane changes are more or less straight buffs. I approve.

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