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Sonim's rugged LM801 phone will probably outlast you

Chris Ziegler

Sonim has chosen IFA this week to show off its latest hardcore G'zOne killer, the in-your-face, take-no-prisoners LM801 candybar. Highlights of the rugged set include an integrated flashlight, laser pointer (for those times when you're stranded in the Rockies and you need to blind you some bears, we figure), magnetic compass, barometer / altimeter, FM radio, and thermometer, all bundled neatly into a yellow shell that repels all the water and dust you can toss at it. Most carriers aren't terribly talented at offering a rugged lineup, so we can think of a few who'd be well-served to investigate adding something like this into the mix -- and seriously, what's with no other phone having a laser pointer?

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