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2. Your Retro Guilty Pleasure

Kaes Delgrego

This one's a fill-in-the-blank. No matter how ridiculous you may find the idea of re-buying the same games you already bought years ago, it's awfully hard to elude the call. Like walking through a shelter of puppies without homes, your pixelated friends stare at you from behind their Wii Shop Channel confines. "Please take me with you?" they implore. Not being made of stone, you submit.

Now that you have it on your Wii, put it to guilt-free use on your day off. See how it's aged. And don't cop out with any of the 5-star timeless titles. Go for the game that you would never give a chance to today, but absolutely captivated you before you knew any better. I'll be catching up with Spelunker and its ridiculously intolerant weakness to height. This is one solid example of a situation that you could easily survive in real life yet kills your on-screen representation like it was the bubonic plague. Who would die after falling a distance equal to their own height? Seriously, who? You'd suffer from mild discomfort at worst. And I gather that he's a Spelunker, so shouldn't he be used to moderate heights? WTF?! I hate this game. Just kiddin', I love this game.

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