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OpenClip says iPhone firmware 2.1 breaks it

Chris Ziegler

Anyone getting used to the cross-app clipboard framework for the iPhone wrought by OpenClip, heads up: your party might be drawing to an end. The organization says that apps no longer have access to the common storage areas of other apps in the latest beta of firmware 2.1, which basically puts the kibosh on the very reason OpenClip is able to do what it does. They're throwing around a couple ideas -- one of which would involve creating a funky-looking contact in your address book to marshal data between apps, while another would see data get pushed to a server, a move that Apple would effectively be unable to stop. Then again, with rumors still fresh that real copy / paste is coming in 2.1, maybe these guys want to hold off for just a bit to see what happens.

[Via AppleInsider]

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