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Tributaries' HXMini5 extends 1080p HDMI signals up to 100 meters

Darren Murph

Forget 130-feet -- how's about 100 meters? The new long-range solution from Tributaries (dubbed HXMini5) extends Full HD video (with audio) just over 300-feet with no loss of quality or reliability. The box can sling 1080p/60Hz HDMI signals up to 100-meters and 1080p/120Hz up to 55-meters, and of course, it's fully HDCP compliant. Being compatible with HDMI v1.3 also gives it the ability to understand Dolby Digital / DTS audio transmissions, and the self-calibrating active amplification and equalization enables it to "automatically adapt to cable length and signal rate." Get your HDMI signals to go further for $450.

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