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Disaster: Day of Crisis officially looming in UK


The Day you thought would never come has finally arrived, leaping over the horizon and declaring, "I am alive, but not to be confused with I Am Alive, the similarly themed disaster survival game from Ubisoft!" It seems Nintendo has finally gotten around to announcing the official UK release date for Disaster: Day of Crisis, thus dragging the Monolith Soft-developed Wii game from the murky realms of vaporware and into the fluorescent aisles of your local video game retailer.

October 24th has been chosen as the day which game protagonist Raymond Bryce is sure to describe as the worst of his life, what with it attempting to kill him constantly in earthquakes, fires, floods and tenuously connected terrorist attacks. There are also bears. See the peril for yourself in the gallery below.

We certainly hope the game's been worth the wait, if only to spare us from a parade of self-congratulatory reviewers cleverly dubbing it a "disaster."

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