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Midway: Wheelman devs still behind the wheel


Just days after a new trailer and screens were released for the delayed Vin Diesel ... vehicle, Wheelman, some rumors evidently surfaced (emphasis on the "evidently" since this is the first we'd heard of it) that Midway was planning on shuttering the very studio behind its development. Not so, says Midway CEO Matt Booty (who should really call Ratchet, who recently embarked on a quest for him).

"Newcastle is a very important studio for us" Booty told GamesIndustry, adding, "We just brought in a new studio head, Craig Duncan, formerly with Codemasters, so I think those two things are an indication that we've got a very strong commitment to that studio." Booty (it's fun to say!) also went as far as to call Wheelman "a front line important game for [Midway] in the first half of 2009."

Booty then abruptly bolted out of the building, hopped into a running car driven by none other than Diesel himself, and quickly sped away. At least that's how we would have liked to see the interview wrap up.

[Via Big Download]

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