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Lenovo ThinkPad SL300 gets examined up close


Lenovo's new ThinkPad SL300 may not stand out too much from the ThinkPad pack, but it's budget-friendly price will no doubt help it attract its share of curious potential buyers, and NotebookReview has now offered a few pics and impressions to give them an idea of what they may be in store for. As you might expect, Lenovo had to cut a few corners to keep the price down, and the build quality looks to have take some of the biggest hits, with it described as "durable" but with minor flexing all around and even some squeaking around the TouchPoint buttons. On the upside, the system's fairly high-end specs delivered some impressive enough performance, and the included 6-cell battery managed to last for a full four hours with the WiFi enabled (turning it off resulted in an extra 30 minutes). Still undecided? Then hit up the link below for plenty more pics and impressions.

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