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Royal treatment: Prince of Persia 'Limited Edition' free for pre-orders


It's good to be the king, er ... prince. Or, in this case, simply a pre-order holder for Ubisoft's upcoming Prince of Persia series refresh. The publisher has announced that anyone who lays down the cash (or plastic, or first-borns) to reserve the game will receive the Limited Edition – at no extra cost.

In an unusual step, Ubisoft is creating the LE for pre-orders only, simply as an incentive to pony up early for the game. Unlike other "special" or "limited" edition treatments of current-gen games, it won't come as a $10-$20 premium to advance purchasers – it'll run the standard $59.99. However, those who don't pre-order won't get the goodies, which include:
  • Collectable Limited Edition packaging
  • An exclusive look at the making of Prince of Persia
  • A Prima digital mini-strategy guide full of developer's secrets
  • A digital art book
  • The original soundtrack scored by master composer Inon Zur
We're still chomping at the bit for Ubisoft to show off more of the promising action-platformer, but, for now, this most recent walkthrough video straight outta Leipzig will have to do.

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