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Rumor: New set of 'Mythic' Halo 3 achievements

Dustin Burg

We have juicy rumor news coming straight out of PAX regarding a new set of 30 achievements worth a total of 750 Gamerscore for a little game called Halo 3. Yes sir, it's time for brand new Halo 3 achievement rumor news!

According to a post over on Ascendant Justice Forums, there will be a new set of 30 Halo 3 achievements that will be releasing in the near future and they even include screenshot proof (ninja-taken during PAX) to prove it. Content that may have something to do with that Halo 3 Mythic rumor we heard about the other day. The achievements, which look to be based on the Heroic, Legendary and (speculated) Mythic map packs, look rather legit seeing that the descriptions, achievement names AND off-screen photographic proof are supplied. But, as is customary with Bungie, we're in the dark regarding how they'll be implemented, whether or not the content has anything to do with the Mythic stuff or even the E3 stuff. That is if this is legit news. Enough speculation, take a looksy a the (rumored to be new) Halo 3 achievement names after the break. Picture "evidence" after the jump.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Rumored Halo 3 Achievements

  1. Heretic Skull 25pt
  2. Citadel Skull 25pt
  3. Assembly Skull 25pt
  4. Sandbox Skull 25pt
  5. Orbital Skull 25pt
  6. Longshore Skull 25pt
  7. Tank Dropper 25pt
  8. Zombie Repeller 25pt
  9. Delicious Brains 25pt
  10. Save This Film 25pt
  11. Have Fun Respawning 25pt
  12. Killtacular 25pt
  13. Awww, Too Bad 25pt
  14. ... Get the Horns 25pt
  15. Post Mortem 25pt
  16. Ghost Patrol 25pt
  17. Blades of Fury 25pt
  18. Pull 25pt
  19. Hammer Time 25pt
  20. Look Both Ways 50pt
  21. Road Rage 25pt
  22. Flag Dropped 25pt
  23. Defend This 50pt
  24. Came... From... Behind... 50pt
  25. Alas, Poor Yorick 25pt
  26. Double Double 25pt
  27. Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan 25pt
  28. Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7 0pt
  29. Vidmaster Challenge: Lightswitch 0pt
  30. Vidmaster Challenge: Annual 0pt

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