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Silva reviews Dishwasher, falls short of expectations

Dustin Burg

We're being told that there's this a new shift in our industry for how video game reviews are being done. With old iron side, Peter Molyneux leading the movement, gone are the days where game reviews are done by those who haven't worked on the game, and in are game reviews actually done by the developers themselves.

And following in Molyneux's footsteps is James Silva, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai creator who figured he'd do his own review of his own game. But before you scream "bias!", understand that most every developer is an honest soul (it's true). This developer honesty can be seen in Silva's review of The Dishwasher, where he gives his own game 1 out of 10, calling it "a mess" admitting that "not only are 2D graphics completely inadequate at capturing our imaginations, but 2D–by definition–is not HD." No truer words have been spoken. Make the jump to read creator James Silva's review of his own game and learn how truly bad it is. Any game that doesn't have a reasonably sized manskirt or nudity is "basically broken."

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