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World's first THX-certified soundproof door debuts at CEDIA

Darren Murph

Just when you thought nothing else on this planet could ever earn THX certification, here comes Serious Materials to prove you wrong. The image you are inevitably peering at above is the world's first THX-certified soundproof door, the QuietHome. Boasting an STC rating of 51 in a 2.25-inch thick door, it's said to be the only door in the world to stand up to those mighty THX standards. Just for reference, it's noted that typical hollow-core doors have an STC rating of only 15 (and solid-core doors around 27), and we're told that this one will reduce noise between 65% and 85% compared to traditional alternatives. Of course, such a marvelous addition to your home won't run you cheap -- the QuietHome family ranges from $1,495 to $2,495 per door, so you better have dead silence really high on your list of priorities before pulling the trigger (on a silenced Walther PPK, of course).

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