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Niveus Storage Server - Cargo Edition: 16TB, Windows Home Server-based

Darren Murph

Earlier this year, Niveus Media unveiled its 2TB and 4TB Storage Servers. Today, those are looking mighty anemic. Here at CEDIA, the outfit has just taken the wraps off of its Niveus Storage Server - Cargo Edition, which gets powered by Windows Home Server and features up to 16TB of space. Designed to be the "ultimate add-on" for Niveus Movie Library, this bugger should hold even the most robust HD movie collection -- at least for awhile. The unit itself is housed in a 3U, rack-mountable chassis and provides scalability for users to expand storage from 4TB right on up to 16TB. Pricing remains a mystery right now, though it will be available in Q4. Full release is after the break (but you already knew that, didn't you?).

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Store and protect unlimited HD content with up to 16TB of scalable storage, remote accessibility, and seamless integration with the Niveus Movie Library.

Denver, CO – CEDIA Expo 2008 – September 4-7 – Booth #850 – Niveus Media introduces the Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition, a powerful storage device based on the Microsoft Windows Home Server platform, designed for the custom install channel. Featuring up to 16TB of scalable storage, Cargo provides a seamlessly integrated and flexible storage solution for the perpetually growing HD digital content market.

As Niveus continues to enhance movie integration with the increasing functionality of the Niveus Movie Library movie management interface and availability of VideoGiants Collections premium movie packages, it has become essential to offer a robust storage solution that can house a user's expansive HD movie collection. Cargo is the ultimate add-on to the Niveus Movie Library, enabling secure storage of thousands of movies, complete with expanded metadata and high-resolution cover art.

"To support the massive amounts of content that the Niveus Entertainment System accommodates, we needed to develop a larger storage device," states Tim Cutting, CEO and Co-Founder, Niveus Media. "With Cargo, our customers will be able to store large collections of their favorite movies, television, music, and photos. Additionally, with the host of data protection features built into the Windows Home Server platform, these collections are now protected from data corruption and personal loss."

"At CES in 2002 I ran into this startup company off in the corner named Niveus. After chatting with them, it was clear to me that before long they'd be more than a startup," said Charlie Kindel, General Manager of Windows Home Server at Microsoft Corp. "They have proven me right with their success, and I'm extremely happy they are now coming to market with a home server based on Windows Home Server."

Cargo is housed in a custom-designed, 3U rack-mountable chassis, measuring 18.5" in depth and representing the most compact storage server in the custom electronics industry. Featuring a unique hinge-based front panel that enables easy serviceability and storage upgrades without removing the device from the rack, Cargo provides impressive scalability, allowing users to expand their storage capacity from 4TB, to 8TB, to 16TB. If 16TB is simply not enough, additional Cargo storage servers can be added, enabling a modular upgrade path for limitless storage and straightforward management of all content residing on the network.

Presenting improved remote capabilities, Cargo allows users to easily access and monitor the server and stored content from virtually anywhere (vacation home, office, relative's home, etc.) through any Internet-enabled computer, using a personalized web address.

Seamlessly working behind the scenes to protect valued digital assets, Cargo provides an image-based, scheduled backup of the media server (and other computers on the network, if desired), ensuring that files and folders are duplicated across multiple hard drives. In the event that one hard drive fails, data is easily recovered. With Cargo harnessing the bulk of the storage, the Niveus media server remains optimized to deliver superior audio and video performance throughout the home.

The high-capacity and superior performance of Cargo required a hard drive that could provide reliable quality high-definition video and near silent operation. To deliver on these expectations, Niveus has selected the Seagate" Pipeline HD™ hard drive as the storage solution of choice due to its optimum HD performance and exceptionally well-rated acoustics. The Windows Vista certified Seagate" Pipeline HD™ hard drive is designed for the HD video Niveus customers will enjoy.

"Seagate has designed the Pipeline HD product specifically for the type of scenarios in which Niveus is using our drives. Seagate's Pipeline HD drives deliver the reliability, capacity and performance that customers of media servers insist upon," said Pat King, senior vice president of Seagate's Consumer Solutions Division. "Optimized for HD video and superior acoustics, Seagate's Pipeline HD drives are a good match for Niveus' demands for quiet and robust digital media solutions. Seagate is proud to be Niveus primary hard drive supplier."

Cargo can be easily integrated into any home network using Universal Plug and Play for playback with any UPnP-compliant devices (audio systems, TVs, etc).

Cargo will be available in Q4 2008.

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