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Sony debuts HDR-FX1000, HVR-Z5J high-def camcorders


It looks like those not willing to give up on DV tape for their HD recording needs now have a pair of new options to consider from Sony, which has just introduced its HDR-FX1000 and HVR-Z5J camcorders in Japan. The HDR-FX1000 (pictured above) is the slightly more consumer-minded of the two, with it boasting a not-outrageous price of ¥400,000 (or roughly $3,700), and some impressive specs all around, including a 20x optical zoom, both 24p and 30p modes, and Sony's G-series lens, which promises to deliver some top-notch images. The HVR-Z5J, on the other hand, offers some more specialized features like XLR audio inputs, PAL and NTSC compatibility, and support for the DVCAM format in addition to usual DV/HDV option. Look for it to set you back ¥554,400 (or just over $5,000) when it lands in December, with the HDR-FX1000 set to slip out ahead of it on November 10th.

[Via PC World]

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