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Ask Cryptic explains how Star Trek Online will handle canon

James Egan

The latest Ask Cryptic focusing on Star Trek Online addresses a number of questions sci-fi fans have about where the IP is heading in the MMO space. Not surprisingly, many of the questions asked of Cryptic deal with how well they'll adhere to Star Trek canon.

The Cryptic Studios devs were asked about how they would handle the iconic story and characters of Star Trek, namely with voiceovers and cut scenes. The devs state that Star Trek Online avoids issues of tampering with Trekkie canon by setting the game in 2409, a good 30 years after Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager. So while some of the locales familiar to Star Trek fans will be present in the game, players shouldn't expect to bump into any (or many) familiar faces.

One of the more interesting features Cryptic is implementing in Star Trek Online is the ability to enter logs. The details aren't fleshed out yet, but the devs say log entries will be one of the distinguishing features of the title, and invite input from the community on their forums.

Be sure to check out the latest Ask Cryptic for more info straight from the developers on psionics, ships and their scale, and especially how the high-minded ideals of the future are balanced with the natural tendency of gamers to annihilate others in space.

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