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Breakfast Topic: Your WoW goals

Alex Ziebart

Back in June on my guild alliance's forums, one of our members posted a thread asking us a fairly simple question: What are your WoW goals? Being an alliance that covers a wide variety of playstyles, the posed goals were just as varied. The most common goal across everyone was to get an Amani War Bear, but these goals were everything from killing Illidan to getting their first epic flying mount to getting the Gladiator title.

The thread was bumped just the other day so we could all see our progress on the goals we posted oh-so-long ago (in internet time). It was pretty cool to see, since many of the people that posted completed most of their pre-Wrath goals. It's really fun to see everyone actually achieving the things they've wanted, no matter how big or small.

Personally, I still have a few goals I'd like to meet before the expansion rolls around.
The first one I want far, far more than the others. The mount and the trinket are pure vanity (especially since my Priest already has a bear), whereas the Kil'jaeden kill is something I'd really love to see my raid accomplish together. I'm going to go ahead and pass this question on to you guys: What are your pre-Wrath of the Lich King goals? How about goals that don't have a time limit on them? Do you just want an Ironfoe one day, like a certain Paladin friend of mine that shall remain nameless? I'm sure quite a few of you have your hearts set on a Deathcharger.

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