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New Nokia N95-1 firmware v30 released, other N95 sets have to wait, again


Ah yes, there's nothing quite as capable of robbing us of an afternoon of work as a firmware update, is there? The joy of discovery, re-installing all your apps, contacts, and such is as painful as it is uniquely fun. Of course, you can skip all this if you're the proud owner of an American 3G N95, because your time hasn't come, yet. Crazyk, a forum user over Nokia Support Discussions mentions that boot time has been reduced in firmware 3.0.015 to 15 or 16 seconds, camera colors seem better, autorotate's a go, a new share online icon has appeared, and Maps 2.0's in there. Of course, make sure you back up your stuff before you fire up Nokia Software Update to begin this journey, just in case you bump into a problem on the way. Feel free to drop us a post and let us know how it goes.

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