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Nokia N96 gets put through its paces


We've already seen Nokia's new N96 up-close and unboxed, but if you're looking for a bit more information before your potential purchase, you may want to head over to All About Symbian, which has a few first impressions of the phone. Among other things, its contributor found the screen to be "great," even outdoors, and the overall build quality is described as "good," if a bit "plasticky." He also found the music quality to be especially good over Bluetooth/A2DP, and from the built-in speakers as well, which are apparently "very loud." On the downside, the camera shutter key proved to be a bit stiff, and some of the third-party applications like ProfiMail were to be a bit buggy, as was Nokia's Switch app when attempting to transfer data from an E90 to the N96. Hit up the link below for a few more details, and some sample photos taken with the N96's camera.

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