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Paradigm's Signature SUB 25 maximizes the fun-per-volt

Steven Kim

The use of Class-D amplification in subwoofers is nothing new, but Paradigm's new Signature SUB 25 makes use of Power Factor Correction on the supply to grab the most power possible out of mains voltages between 108- and 265-Volts, yielding amplifier performance that can steadily crank out 3,000-Watts (and 7,500-Watt peaks). Put all that power behind a 15-inch driver with 3-inches of travel and you've got a formidable low frequency generator that will definitely expose any room nodes (or loose fillings) you have. And that's just where the Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit (PBK-1) room correction system comes in, using tech from the Anthem ARC-1 to help you tune those problems away. Expect the SUB 25 and PBK-1 in late Q3 for $3999 and $299, respectively.

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