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Raph Koster on the Metaplace idea

Shawn Schuster

After a recent question from a Metaplace forum member last month, Raph Koster decided to sit down and explain to us just where exactly the idea for Metaplace was born and how it has evolved into what it is today.

He begins by explaining his MUD roots and how much that influenced him in the multiplayer online space. He explains that he'd had ideas for web-based sandbox worlds ever since then and had frequently toyed with the idea to create his vision, but finances and other limitations restricted that. Now that he has the resources, this vision he's had for so long can finally be put into action with a team of professionals, instead of just him working on it in his spare bedroom. It's an inspiring little story and certainly worth a read if you're interested in Raph's work or the potential future of MMOs in general.

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