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RFID-based video poker table ensures no one plays at your house


It looks like those wanting to practice for their TV poker debut now have at least one, completely impractical lead to follow, as one Andrew Milner has now built what may well be the very first RFID-based, video-equipped DIY poker table. To reproduce the complete TV poker experience at home, Milner employed four cameras to keep watch on the players, with the elaborate RFID system and some custom-made software doing all the dirty work of keeping track of the cards (yes, each card has an RFID tag). As you might have guessed, the build was far from simple, with it taking Milner three months in his spare time, and it obviously wasn't cheap either, although he won't go any further than to say that it was "rather expensive." Be sure to hit up the link below for the full rundown of the project, and a video of it in action.

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