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Sanyo and KDDI's W64SA brings light therapy to your handset


Anybody who has been on a modern jet during a longhaul flight may remember seeing mellow shades of red, blue, and other calm colors during the trip. Well, KDDI and Sanyo's W64SA is set to do the same, but rather than calmly lifting the cash out of your wallet for senseless duty-free purchases, they're hoping the idea will sell you on this set. The W64SA features Bluetooth, a 2.8-inch LCD, 2 megapixel camera, remote wipe, mobile wallet, and a huge list of software titles you'll never, ever, enjoy over here. The two LEDs on the front will change depending on motion or activity -- Shake Illumi -- and slowly fade out when the set is sitting still -- Illumi Drop. No word on pricing, but if we hear something from KDDI au, we'll be sure to fill the gap. Follow the read link for some nonsensical Google translations of features we only half understand.


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