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Dead Space banning rumors come under fire

We imagine that video game developers and publishers aren't pleased when their blockbuster titles receive the banhammer's blow before their release dates -- which is why we're so perplexed by the recent drama surrounding Electronic Arts' upcoming "tactical dismemberment" shooter, Dead Space. Destructoid reported Thursday that the game's community manager, Andrew Green, recently broke the regrettable news that the title had been banned in Germany, Japan and China -- however, GamePolitics has more than a few qualms with this announcement.

Not only is it peculiar that all three bans happen to emerge at the same time, but GP points out that none of the ratings boards of the three nations mentioned have made any announcements on the matter -- even more notably, neither has EA. Also, as one eagle-eyed GP reader pointed out, it's impossible under German law to ban a product before its release. Further negating the German ban, Videogaming247 reports that the title is apparently still going through the ratings gauntlet of Germany's censorship board, the USK.

Regardless of whether this is a misguided publicity stunt, an unfortunate miscommunication, or proof that Andrew Green has mysterious psychic abilities, we certainly hope EA clears up the confusion with a quickness.

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