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Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Melee DPS careers for Order

Dan O'Halloran

You don't have to side with Destruction to do some damage in Warhammer Online. Order has two melee classes that crank out the dps up close and personal in two distinctly different ways. The Empire Witch Hunter uses a combination of rapier strikes to build up Accusations and then uses them to power a devastating Execution shot from their pistols. The High Elf White Lion wades into the thick of combat with his faithful pet lion by his side using it to distract and ravage his enemies.

Read on after the jump for a more in-depth class into these two Order melee dps careers.
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Empire Witch Hunter

Though the Witch Hunter carries a big gun, it's their blade that does most of the hard work. Using it to build up Accusations, the gun is then used to turn those into a big, explosive Execution. Add to that stealth, firing while moving and the ability to use positional attacks regardless of how they are facing the enemy and you have a formidable death dealer.

The Path of Confession
This path focuses on face-to-face combat. Abilities include a debuff on your opponent that damages them every time they attack you, a Career Tactic that heals you for the damage from a special Bullet attack and an Execution that turns your pistol into a machine gun. With these skills you don't have to worry about being behind or to the side of your target to be effective which is a big advantage in RvR.

The Path of Inquisition
Long duration weakening effects are the specialty of this path. It specializes in DoTs, disarming and an Execution that reduces any healing on the target for a time. It also has a debuff ability that damages your opponent every time they move making it excellent for RvR. Good for raids and Public Quest boss mobs, this Path is more for those who like to play a deeper game.

The Path of Judgement
Attacks out of stealth and positional attacks are the strengths of Judgement. Focusing on taking out spell casters, you will work with abilities that silence spellcasting, add a debuff to damage the enemy every time they cast a spell, a backhand blow with the butt of your pistol to stun your opponent and an Execution specialty that coats your bullets in fire oil to burn for extra damage until they explode in your enemy. This is the closest to the classic rogue class you will see on the side or Order in Warhammer Online and lives up to the name Witch Hunter.

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