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Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Melee DPS careers for Order - White Lion

Dan O'Halloran

High Elf White Lion

Last month we covered some of the early levels of the White Lion career in Closed Beta including levels 1-5, 6-10 and a brief overview of the Mastery Trees. Fast forward to today and many of the skills are now available at different levels than when we first reported on it. Much tweaking and refining has been done due to player feedback. Here's where they stand now, just a little over a week before the game launches.

The basic skills for the White Lions remain much the same. A basic thrown attack, an instacast HoT for your pet and an aggro shedding skill. You can also burst run and summon your lion. From there you gain additional skills in each Mastery Path as well as special abilities in that path.

The Path of the Hunter
Your Hunter skills focus on dps as your pet fights by your side. It includes the pet buff Trained to Hunt increasing your pet's autoattack speed by 20%, it's chance to crit by 10% and grants both you and your pet a chance to proc for more damage. Other Hunter based skills include your bread and butter axe attack (single target and AE), a Spirit based attack and an extra attack for both you and your lion on each other's target.

The Path of the Axeman
The Axeman skills work with positional attacks and abilities. What makes this possible is the associated pet buff Trained to Threaten to make your lion a solid tank. It increases your lion's Toughness and Initiative while increasing your own chance to hit if behind or to the side of the lion. Other skills do more damage if you are behind or to the side of the target as well as redirect aggro.

The Path of the Guardian
The Guardian skills are for when you want to tank, turning your pet into a dps machine. The Trained to Kill pet buff increases your pet's Strength and Weapon Skill while buffing your own Toughness. Your lion also gains three additional abilities that allow it to shred its way through most mobs. Guardian skills allow you to reduce your pet's aggro, slow the target's autoattack speed and inspire your groupmates to hit for extra damage.

As you can see from the three Paths offer the White Lion different playstyle options. And because you can switch pet buffs on the fly, you can go from tanking to dps or vice versa in the midst of combat. Versatility and coordination with your pet will make you feared in RvR and desired in PvE groups.


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