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Mythic flings wide the gates of the Warhammer Online open beta

We know that most of you had some fairly important decisions to make this morning -- for instance, the mind-plaguing decision between coffee or tea, or the equally perplexing choice of cereal or pancakes. Perhaps you spent an hour in front of your dresser, trying to decide between boxers or briefs -- or, for our Alaskan friends, which color long johns best suited your mood. However, a select few of you will be making an even more complex decision today, likely in the next few hours: High Elves or Greenskins?

This race-rolling dilemma will be cordially presented to you by Mythic's Warhammer Online -- the open beta for which launched earlier this morning. Members of the previous stages of the closed beta and those who have pre-ordered the title at "select retail partners" can now download the client and let loose the dogs of WAR (though we've heard a number of complaints from frenzied pre-orderers who have had trouble accessing the beta). Fear not, unwashed masses -- your Age of Reckoning will begin in a little over a week.

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