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SKY's IM-S350: where using the d-pad is an adventure unto itself

Chris Ziegler

Like the IM-S300 before it, SKY's IM-S350 for the Korean market trades logic and any semblance of familiarity for a +1 on the fashion scorecard by sporting a crazy set of nav buttons that -- at a glance, anyway -- we can't figure out how you'd use. No bother, though; we're sure it's dead simple once you actually have your hands on it for a minute or two, and we guess you could look at it as an unusual form of theft deterrent. The 9.9mm, mostly aluminum beast features a QVGA display (if you can really call that a feature), DMB mobile TV, and a 2-megapixel camera, slotting it toward the lower end of what we'd expect out of Seoul. No word on pricing or availability here, but we imagine it won't drain the wallet.

[Via Unwired View]

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