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Cooking love from Wrath Beta patch 8905

Alex Ziebart

Shockingly, the one profession that most people seem to be excited about in Wrath of the Lich King is Cooking. Inscription? Pfffft. Cooking! Luckily, Cooking seems to be one of the professions getting a lot of focus in the beta right now. The last couple of beta patches have brought us a ton of new recipes and quests.

Just recently we've added tons of those new recipes to our Wrath Cooking gallery, including both the new recipes in this weekend's beta patch and the ones that had previously been inaccessible from the patch before that, so there's plenty there to see. Some of the recipes are useful (spell power, expertise, haste, that whole spiel) and some are just for fun (growing, shrinking, enslaving mini critters to your iron will), but they're all pretty good examples of why Cooking is so exciting in WoW. While it isn't among the new recipes, Kungaloosh has a special place in my heart. Kungaloosh. Kungaloooosh. Say it!

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